Speed up



I like listen to many of my podcasts 1,5-2 times the normal speed on the portable multiformat-player. I would like to do the same when I sit on my laptop with moc. Right now I've gone over to vlc to do this, but would like to come back to moc because it's otherwise the player most in my taste.

I too usually listen to spoken audios at 1.3x on my walkman and do intended to enable that in MOC via effects plug-ins. Currently I do the conversion first using SoX's tempo effect.

I need to revise the plug-in infrastructure to allow for different types of plug-ins. This will still be some time away as I have other commitments at present, and so work on MOC is almost at a standstill.

Thank you for your SoX-sugestion.
I'm glad that you liked the idea.

I'm using MOC for podcasts, which is becoming more and more important to people. It's even a good thing for MOC, cause MOC works well with extra scripts extra for podcasts (store progress, menu, ...).

Some podcast can be listened in a faster speed, cause the density of information isn't always that high. Speeding these files up is an important function which is currently missing in MOC.

Yes, but unfortunately I can't do everything at once.