Recursive search in directories


Just as it says, I was hoping we could get some recursive searching in folders. :P

Just as it says, it's unlikely to happen any time soon.

I have sometimes thought about somehow allowing MOC to search my audios in a similar way to how I now do that independently of MOC. I have some ideas on how that might be done, but there would be some more supporting functionality required in MOC first.

Simply searching from the current (or MusicDir) directory down appears straight-forward until one starts asking the "what if" questions. What if a filename appears in more than one directory? What if we want to search on something other than just filename?

A number of people have commented that one of the things they like about MOC is that it is not based on a built-in music library database. Yes it has an optional tags cache, but searching it would not really provide a satisfying result.

So with that in mind, tell me a story about how you would see a recursive search looking to a user. I'm not promising anything, but it'd be good to capture the requirement in more detail at this point.