XF86 media keys not recognized

I am trying to bind XF86 media keys using their keycodes in the keymap under moc 2.6-alpha2, but it throws up the following error message: "bad key sequence".

Is this feature supported?

I don't know anything about XF86 media keys and a quick web search didn't throw up anything I could use so I'm commenting out of ignorance, but I'm guessing it might be more a question of whether or not ncurses (which MOC uses for keyboard input and screen output) supports them and I think the answer to that is probably "no".

The comments at the start of the keymap.example file documents the accepted syntax for describing bindings, so if XF86 media keys fall outside of that syntax then the answer is definitely "no".

But if someone wants to take the time to do a little research on the ncurses question and on what changes would be required to support it then I'll take a look at its feasibility.

Out of interest, I'd like to see what you had placed in your keymap file which triggered the error message.

imo it's your x wm's job to catch those
but moc has it's own keys for volume

I tend to agree with you, but without knowing more about the circumstances under which the error is reported there's little more we can do... and "chumbawumba" appears to have disengaged.