add option for delete file from directory


Hi guys
Thank you for make this best music player .
really is very good
But now we can only clean up our playlist.
if possible add an option so that we can remove files from the directory,In this situation we can refine music files better
Thanks again. :)

As it happens, I already have a contribution which does exactly this. It is scheduled for inclusion in MOC 2.6-beta1 (or maybe earlier), but that topic also provides an interim solution.

Thanks for your guide. I create config and work it ExecCommand2 :)
I have an other offer if add this to mocp is good, and this that is when we create playlist this saved in ~/.moc and when start mocp show all playlist in playlist tab and then we select wanted playlist then load playlist music in playlist tab .
i think this is good idea :)))
thanks for your support
Good luck guy!

Something like this?