MP3 and AAC playback missing

I installed moc and moc-ffmeg-plugin using apt-get on my raspberry pi. I seem to be missing support for mp3 and aac media playback:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ mocp -D
Loading plugins from /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins...
Loading plugin libflac_decoder...
Loading plugin libmodplug_decoder...
Loading plugin libsidplay2_decoder...
Loading plugin libspeex_decoder...
Loading plugin libwavpack_decoder...
Running the server...
Trying ALSA...

My music files do not appear when I browse to the appropriate directory. Suggestions?

It may have been just a typo in your post, but did you misspell 'ffmpeg' in your apt-get as well? Is the file in your /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins directory at all?

Given that it appears your distribution (Debian-based, I assume) has not supplied the MP3 and AAC decoders in the base MOC package, it may be that they have some licensing issues regarding those codecs and not included them in the FFmpeg plug-in anyway (but that's a wild guess on my part).

The Debian package is compiled as follows:
MOC will be compiled with:

Decoder plugins: aac ffmpeg flac modplug mp3 musepack opus sidplay2
sndfile speex vorbis wavpac
Sound Drivers: OSS ALSA JACK
DEBUG: yes
RCC: yes
Network streams: yes
Resampling: yes
MIME magic: yes

moc-ffmpeg-plugin should be installed to use I assume that moc is not installed from Debian packages as Debian doesn't install to /usr/local.

Thanks for clearing that up, "riesebie".

"hexnut", could you have a look at the mocp_server_log produced by your -D option in the directory in which you launched mocp at the line near the very start saying "Configured:" and tell us what it says, please.

Yes, I misspelled ffmpeg. This is a fresh copy of raspbian, which is debian based. Here's what I did:

0) install raspbian from image file
1) sudo apt-get install moc
2) sudo apt-get install moc-ffmpeg-plugin
3) dpkg -L moc-ffmpeg-plugin
4) moc -D reveals missing libffmpeg decoder as shown above.

So, taking your advice, I did this:

5) cp /usr/lib/moc/decoder_plugins/ /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins

Now moc -D show libffmpeg in decoder list and my music files play... Thanks!

Bottom line, mocp from raspbian is configured to look for plugins in /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins, but moc-ffmpeg-plugin installs files in /usr/lib/moc/decoder_plugins.

So that's a butt biter.

Sorry to blame Raspbian, I think it was all my fault.

Now I remember hacking moc to work on my Adafruit PiTFT @ 320x240, which I installed in /usr/local/bin. That version had preference in my path, and was configured to look under /usr/local for plugins. Sure enough /usr/bin/mocp -D shows that it's looking for plugins under /usr/lib.

Okey, dokey then.