Align track number + bug with more than 100 tracks


It would be nice if, while displaying tags, moc would align right the track number tag to align the rest of the tags. Also, when there are more than 100 tracks on a directory/playlist the track order is not displayed correctly: track 100 is sorted before track 10 - see these screenshots

Here's my FormatString:

FormatString = "%(n:%n :)%(a:%a - :)%(A:\[%A\] - :)%(t:%t:)"

mocp, when reading tags, should first count the number of items then align right the %n tag.

Ignore the bug - the file names in the screenshots should have trailing zeroes.

Hi lmello,
So basically, first part of your post is duplicate of this change request:

For the second one (the bug):
Could you test if this bug occurs for playlist containing just 3 songs from your playlist:

9 - Chris Huelsbeck - ...
10 - Chris Huelsbeck - ...
100 - Chris Huelsback - ...