a thanks thread

As far as my limited understanding goes, this software is more or less the work of a single guy.
I've been using it for some years now, and I'm perfectly happy with it ever since.
Just the thought of having to use some other piece of "amarok/rhythmbox/itunes"-like bloatware gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

So here's my thank you for everyone involved in keeping this thing up to date. Maybe it's easier to be grateful for a free lightweight audio player (so much nice music coming out of it) than for a free budgeting software (so much evil work coming out of it), but nonetheless, mocp is a thing to be happy about.

Next thing where's the donate button?

Cheers jcf, I hope mocp will be maintained for some decades to come!

Well, thank you for expressing your thanks, "kotzenhuber". It's always difficult to know with such a project just how many people it is benefitting, so it's nice to have some feedback like this.

MOC is developed and maintained largely by myself with a couple of supporters and occasional contributors. But the real kudos goes to Damian who originally wrote MOC.

The subject of donations is mentioned so rarely it's not really worth the work involved in setting it up, and MOC isn't dependant on external funding anyway. For those who feel the need to donate, I always suggest (with Damian's agreement) that they make their donation to some local charity instead.

I had thought of setting up a Bitcoin account for the purpose, but as the rationale would be so I can play with Bitcoin rather than it benefitting MOC I feel it would not be true to the intent of the donations.

I have a lot of interesting features planned for MOC, but most of it is on hold until I work through at least some of the backlog of contributed and requested functionality. But I'm hopeful that once version 2.6 is fully released I'll be able to turn my hand to those new features and development will progress more quickly without the delays involved in liaising with others.

I shall be maintaining MOC for at least as long as it takes me to do what I originally adopted MOC to do, but I probably won't be around for the decades for which you're hoping and someone else will have to pick up the batton of taking MOC that far into the future. It would be really disappointing if no one could be found to do that and MOC died after all the effort I've put into it.

In my turn I also want to thank all who contribute in MOC development. I really enjoy the player, it's simplicity and functionality. When time will come to hand the project over I hope someone talented will be around to maintain this important software.