m3u & pls doesn't work

Hello, everybody. I tried to use mp3 and pls files on my Macbook Air MID 2013, but i had error - format not supported. Can you please advise ?

You need to supply much more details: MOC version, how you installed it, what decoder plugins are present.

Unless I'm mistaken, "format not supported" means you are trying to open unsupported stream. MOC supports internet streams but m3u support is very basic and usually you need to extract stream location manually from m3u or pls file.

Installed via brew on my OS X, Details: MOC - 2.5.2, Installed dependencies: berkeley-db, flac, libogg, libvorbis, libsndfile, jack, lame, x264, xvid, ffmpeg.

After that tried to reproduce in three ways like: mocp http://prem2.di.fm:80/bigbeat_hi?3bb4dc56a8754c805c1fe338, mocp di.pls, mocp di.pls... but nothing happened....


After that tried to reproduce in three ways like (...) but nothing happened

What do you mean 'nothing happened'? Bug is gone, or you still have this error?
Could you provide us with your m3u & pls files?
Could you run MOC with -D option and paste your logs somewhere?


This link doesn't open for me, I need to authenticate. That might be your problem. Moreover, I already suggested that you just download the file, open it in text editor and extract true stream URL.

The only decoder library amongst those you mentioned which supports MP3 is FFmpeg (lame isn't used by any MOC decoder) and that only supports streams since MOC 2.6-alpha3. Many Internet streams still use MP3 format.

My steps.

1) Running jackd -d coreaudio (daemon) and i see : JACK compiled with POSIX SHM support.
loading driver ..
Error calling AudioUnitSetProperty - kAudioUnitProperty_StreamFormat kAudioUnitScope_Output
2) I had error, but i can use mocp, as I wrote earlier, tried the tracks in flac alac mp3 format, no problem. But m3u and pls and can not be played. For example, here's the flow of https, run like this: mocp http://online-kissfm.tavrmedia.ua/KissFM_deep and get JACK: can not read server event (Undefined error: 0)

1. That is not m3u or pls file, it is just mp3 stream.
2. If your MOC plays mp3 files correctly, then you need to check MOC log and post it here.

1. Yes, know what is that, after attempts to use m3u and pls files, i tried mp3 stream.
2. When i was tried to check log file via command mocp -D, moc show me only help list, see below:

Music On Console (version 2.5.2, revision Unversioned directory)
mocp [OPTIONS]... [FILE]...
-V --version Print program version and exit
-h --help Print usage and exit
-S --server Only run the server

It means MOC was compiled without debug support. You can recover at least part of the log by starting MOC server in the foreground: "mocp -SF". Then start MOC client with your link as usual in another terminal. You might see some useful log from MOC server. However since your link works in my MOC, it seems that something is missing in your build (if it is not the thing refered to by JCF) - probably CURL which is needed for network streams.

As I mentioned previously, none of the decoders you list can decode MP3 streams in MOC 2.5.2.

Testing with that release and the decoders you listed on the first URL you give yields the same error you observed. Testing with the current HEAD plays the stream just fine because now the FFmpeg decoder is able to decoder streams.

So I say again, you need to have a MOC decoder capable of playing MP3 streams; specificly for MOC 2.5.2, the MP3 decoder.