Feature requests

First of all thanks for the great music player ;)

My feedback on features I would like to see,

* Search function in the playlist
* Possibility to queue tracks in the playlist

I don't know if these are in development already or are on the TODO-list but thanks in advance.

Marco Louter

nevermind about the first :$

Also Last.FM support would be cool

(just found this super-old thread & wanted to tie up this one issue for google)

I wrote this howto for getting it set up on a debian linux box


if you update lastfm-mocp to add unicode support, let me know

also, i would like to second (third?) the request for queueing from the playlist

thanks to the moc developers, and to Anarres for lastfm-mocp

I have Audioscrobbler submitting finished, including song caching etc, written in C as patch to MOC (following protocol v1.2 specs). Unfortunately I don´t have Internet access for last few weeks so could not test it thoroughly. Now working on DB support using sqlite3 with num_played, song rating and advanced search (this could take some time).

Audioscrobbler support should be a priority. We need it so much.. ;)
Bardzo, bardzo, bardzo uprzejmie prosimy ;)

There was no active development since about 5 months, so you can't expect new features unless you write them :(

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

is project dead and gains only bugfixes?
only this one feature..

Is the development of MOC stalled?

Yes, I have other things to do and don't have time and energy to work on MOC.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Probably I've been asking already, but... is there some plans for implementing software mixer?

Possibility to queue tracks is only feature i'm waiting...
I hope it's coming soon =)

I would also like to see a search function that is not limited to the directory currently opened. I was thinking that somehow incorporating the 'slocate' tool would be awesome, and the playable results would be displayed in the main window and can be exited with a keypress. I guess this is no longer under development though.