MOC v 2.6-alpha3 in Debian


If set in pulseaudio volume more than 100% mocp crashes with

ocp: alsa.c:319: alsa_read_mixer_raw: Проверочное утверждение «RANGE(0, vol, 100)» не выполнено.

RANGE may be 150 too))

What developed when this issue was previously reported? The answer may surprise you!

It seems that PulseAudio takes a "minority view" on what the volume setting means. I have no direct experience with PulseAudio, but my understanding from previous comments is that it views a volume setting of 100% as meaning no amplification is applied, and therefore settings above 100% means that amplification is requested. IIRC (and I'd have to go code diving to be sure) ALSA (and probably most other sound subsystems) takes 100% to be the maximum volume of which the hardware and software is capable, and therefore a setting above that makes no sense (and may damage hardware).

MOC currently has no native PulseAudio sound driver and the PulseAudio ALSA emulation is used which may return a value outside the 0% to 100% range specificly set by MOC regardless. MOC views this out-of-range value as a bug, but, as previously suggested, there may be ways around it. Unfortunately, I don't run PulseAudio so testing is problematic.

A native PulseAudio sound driver is planned for MOC 2.6-alpha5 (although the original contributor seems to have gone silent), so that should resolve the problem anyway.

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