NES-inspired theme


I'm currently working on a multimedia station which will consist of a mini itx in the shell of an old NES running slackware. It'll be hooked up to my TV and stereo, and play my music, movies and of course feature a NES emulator.

As the music player I've chosen MOC since it really is perfect for the job.

I've made a skin to match the aesthetics of the NES, and would really appreciate some feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

I also encountered a strange problem. The colours I've chosen to use are the NES colours, red, black, light grey and dark grey, but the only way I get the dark grey to work is if it's also bold. This is really annoying since the design I really wanted depended on usage of non-bold dark grey. If anyone knows how I can fix this I would really appreciate it.

# Theme inspired by the NES

colordef white = 823 823 823
colordef grey = 502 502 502

background = white black
frame = grey black bold
window_title = red black
directory = grey black bold
selected_directory = red black bold
playlist = grey black bold
selected_playlist = red black bold
file = white black
selected_file = red black
marked_file = red black bold
marked_selected_file = red black bold
info = grey black bold
status = white black
title = red black bold
state = red black bold
current_time = white black bold
time_left = white black bold
total_time = white black bold
time_total_frames = white black
sound_parameters = white black bold
legend = white black
disabled = red black bold
enabled = white black bold
empty_mixer_bar = red black
filled_mixer_bar = black red
empty_time_bar = white black
filled_time_bar = black red
entry = white black
entry_title = grey black bold
error = red black bold
message = red black bold
plist_time = grey black bold

Hello A great consept of colour choice.

My moc wouldn't accept the theme as is, for some reason I do not know. But after commenting the 2 first lines:

colordef white = 823 823 823
colordef grey = 502 502 502

It was ok. I have the colors pretty much as I like it and the bold gray is in windows pytty pretty ok imho.

keep up the good work :)

ad to the dark-grey and bold it may be terminal problem try to use another terminal/console/...

Great theme!
Thanks you!


Thanks for the help/feedback. The bold grey problem was a terminal-specific thing, worked in other terms.

I'll post an update if I make major changes in the future.