"seek" forward/backward during pause

is it possible to seek through a file/track while paused?

i see there was no success to my question, actually most graphical players allow the progress cursor being dragged left or right even while the play is paused, i wanted a similar thing with mocp. Just making the keys [ and ] still working while play is paused.

I apologise for your not having received a response to your enquiry. We do read every post but this one fell through the cracks.

The answer is that you cannot currently seek while paused. The best I can do is to promise that I've added the requirement to my TODO list, but I don't know when I'll get back to it -- there are just so many (MOC and non-MOC) things to be done (many of which should not have to be done), and finding time to sit down and do any substantial work without interruption is difficult at present.

great. Also i just noticed volume also cannot be tuned during pause. There are circumstances it is really useful, though i can do through the system volume control.

That surprises me as volume is unrelated to the current playpoint. On my system the volume can be adjusted while paused.

Which sound subsystem are you using?

actually i'm using the version with the patch implementing pulseaudio to moc you once provided to test. I just tried by commenting out the "SoundDriver = PulseAudio:JACK:ALSA:OSS" line in the config file and i could adjust the volume while paused.

I can't find which of the three versions of the PulseAudio patch I have I sent you, but none of them have volume control predicated on being not paused (and the sound drivers don't get to know about a pause anyway).

I have found that occasionally other applications (mplayer in my case) if exitted while paused will leave the ALSA mixer muted (although I can't reproduce it at will) and MOC does not unmute it (but I have a patch for doing that). It is possible that PulseAudio is muting the audio on pause (although I can't see that it would know) and not allowing volume adjustment while muted (but tests with ALSA directly show that it does allow it).

So you may want to have a play around with those ideas with PulseAudio in the mix (and maybe utilise alsamixer if your PulseAudio is outputting through ALSA) to see if you can uncover any more clues.

Unless you've changed the SoundDriver option setting (and without knowing which PulseAudio patch you have used I can't tell that), merely commenting it out should not make any difference as the commented one provided should represent the default setting anyway. Again, it may be that the patch I sent (which may not yet have been auditted for consistancy with MOC) may not reflect that.

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