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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for developing this wonderful audio player. I'm a Linux user for 20 years now and can't live without a terminal. While i learned to love mocp in the past months, i missed the possibility to create and manage bookmarks for positions in audio files, which is very useful for podcasts and music mixes. After thinking about the possibilities for a while, i found some free time to play around and wrote a shell script to manage bookmarks. It is implemented using only standard shell utilities which should be installed on practically every system and manages the bookmarks in a CSV. It has all the functionality i wished for thanks to the nice mocp design.

Maybe someone else has a use for it. All you should need to change is the BOOKMARKS_FILE variable.

Usage output

usage: ./ <command> the following commands are available: ------------------------------------- add [comment] bookmark the current mocp playing position with an optional comment go <bookmark_index> jump to the bookmark playing position the file containing the bookmark must be playing in mocp show <bookmark_index> show bookmark details remove <bookmark_index> remove a bookmark list list all bookmarks by file listp list playing file bookmarks csv outputs the bookmarks csv database to the terminal columns: bookmark index filename position (seconds) bookmark creation date comment

File ~/bin/

#!/bin/sh # # Author: Steffen Kremsler <> # Date: Feb. 4th, 2020 # License: GPL 2 # # Manages audio file bookmarks in combination with the fabulous # mocp commmand line audio player. # # Developed on Ubuntu 19.10 with the following versions # mocp 2.6-alpha3 # dash 0.5.10 # GNU Awk 4.2.1 # GNU coreutils 8.30 (mv, cut, sort, uniq) # GNU grep 3.3 BOOKMARKS_FILE="/home/skremsler/Radio_X/mocp_bookmarks.csv" # full paths to all used shell utils # the only other command used in this script is /bin/mv MOCP=/usr/bin/mocp GREP=/bin/grep AWK=/usr/bin/awk CUT=/usr/bin/cut UNIQ=/usr/bin/uniq SORT=/usr/bin/sort FIELD_ID=1 FIELD_FILE=2 FIELD_POS=3 FIELD_CREATED=4 FIELD_COMMENT=5 display_bookmark() { CSV_LINE="$1" printf "\t%12s %s\n" "Index:" "$(echo "$CSV_LINE" | $CUT -f$FIELD_ID -d';')" printf "\t%12s %s\n" "File:" "$(echo "$CSV_LINE" | $CUT -f$FIELD_FILE -d';')" printf "\t%12s %s\n" "Position:" "$(echo "$CSV_LINE" | $CUT -f$FIELD_POS -d';')" printf "\t%12s %s\n" "Created:" "$(echo "$CSV_LINE" | $CUT -f$FIELD_CREATED -d';')" printf "\t%12s %s\n" "Comment:" "$(echo "$CSV_LINE" | $CUT -f$FIELD_COMMENT -d';')" } list_all_bookmarks() { AUDIO_FILES="$($CUT -f2 -d';' ${BOOKMARKS_FILE} | $SORT | $UNIQ)" while read AUDIO_FILE; do list_file_bookmarks "$AUDIO_FILE" done <<EOF $AUDIO_FILES EOF } list_file_bookmarks() { AUDIO_FILE="$1" echo bookmarks for $AUDIO_FILE # sorted by timestamp position $SORT -nk3 -t';' "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" | $GREP "${AUDIO_FILE}" \ | $AWK -F';' '{printf "%3d at %02dh:%02dm:%02ds\t%s\t%s\n", $1, $3/(60*60), $3%(60*60)/60, $3%60, $4, $5}' } list_playing_file_bookmarks() { PLAYING_FILE=$($MOCP -Q "%file") list_file_bookmarks "$PLAYING_FILE" } jump_to_bookmark_by_index() { BOOKMARK_INDEX=$1 BOOKMARK_POSITION=$($GREP "^${BOOKMARK_INDEX};" "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" | $AWK -F';' '{print $3}') echo jumping to bookmark $BOOKMARK_INDEX at position $BOOKMARK_POSITION $MOCP -j ${BOOKMARK_POSITION}s } bookmark_playing_position() { COMMENT="$1" NEXT_INDEX=$(expr $($AWK -F';' "\$1>max{max=\$1;r=\$1}END{print r}" "$BOOKMARKS_FILE") + 1) NEW_BOOKMARK_LINE=$($MOCP -Q "$NEXT_INDEX;%file;%cs;$(date +%c);$COMMENT") echo "Adding bookmark" display_bookmark "$NEW_BOOKMARK_LINE" # append bookmark to file echo "${NEW_BOOKMARK_LINE}" >> "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" # sort file after appending the new bookmark $SORT "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" > /tmp/bookmarks.sorted # replace bookmarks file with new file, if it isn't empty [ -s /tmp/bookmarks.sorted ] && /bin/mv /tmp/bookmarks.sorted "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" } remove_bookmark_by_index() { BOOKMARK_INDEX=$1 echo deleting bookmark $GREP "^${BOOKMARK_INDEX};" "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" $GREP -v -e "^${BOOKMARK_INDEX};" "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" > /tmp/bookmarks.after.delete if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]; then /bin/mv /tmp/bookmarks.after.delete "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" else echo "failed to delete bookmark" fi } while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do if [ "$1" = "list" ]; then list_all_bookmarks exit 0 elif [ "$1" = "remove" ]; then if [ ! -z "$2" ]; then remove_bookmark_by_index $2 exit 0 fi elif [ "$1" = "add" ]; then bookmark_playing_position "$2" exit 0 elif [ "$1" = "go" ]; then jump_to_bookmark_by_index $2 exit 0 elif [ "$1" = "listp" ]; then list_playing_file_bookmarks exit 0 elif [ "$1" = "show" ]; then if [ ! -z "$2" ]; then BOOKMARK_INDEX=$2 display_bookmark $($GREP "^${BOOKMARK_INDEX};" "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}") exit 0 fi elif [ "$1" = "csv" ]; then cat "${BOOKMARKS_FILE}" exit 0 fi shift done echo "usage: $0 <command>" echo echo " the following commands are available:" echo " -------------------------------------" printf " %-25s %s\n" "add [comment]" "bookmark the current mocp playing position" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" "with an optional comment" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "go <bookmark_index>" "jump to the bookmark playing position" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" "the file containing the bookmark must be playing in mocp" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "show <bookmark_index>" "show bookmark details" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "remove <bookmark_index>" "remove a bookmark" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "list" "list all bookmarks by file" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "listp" "list playing file bookmarks" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "csv" "outputs the bookmarks csv database to the terminal" echo printf " %-25s %s\n" "" "columns:" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" " bookmark index" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" " filename" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" " position (seconds)" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" " bookmark creation date" printf " %-25s %s\n" "" " comment"

I call it with this shell alias:

alias bm='~/bin/'

so i can use it like this:

bm add bm remove 3 bm list bm listp

Some usage examples

Create a bookmark for the current position in the playing file

skremsler@morpheus:~$ bm add "A bookmark description" Adding bookmark Index: 32 File: /home/skremsler/Radio_X/RuFFM/2019-10-12_18-55_-_RadioX_-_RuFFM.mp3 Position: 4115 Created: Mi 05 Feb 2020 04:23:05 CET Comment: A bookmark description

Make mocp jump to a bookmark by its index.

The bookmark file must be playing. This is good enough for me at the moment.

skremsler@morpheus:~/bin$ ./ go 7 jumping to bookmark 7 at position 3738

List bookmarks for the playing file

skremsler@morpheus:~$ bm listp bookmarks for /home/skremsler/Radio_X/RuFFM/2019-10-12_18-55_-_RadioX_-_RuFFM.mp3 30 at 01h:01m:12s Mi 05 Feb 2020 03:46:45 CET shut dem down

List all bookmarks

skremsler@morpheus:~$ bm list bookmarks for /skremsler/gobuki/Radio_X/RuFFM/2019-10-12_18-55_-_RadioX_-_RuFFM.mp3 30 at 01h:01m:12s Mi 05 Feb 2020 03:46:45 CET shut dem down bookmarks for /home/skremsler/Radio_X/RuFFM/2019-11-16_18-55_-_RadioX_-_RuFFM.mp3 20 at 00h:05m:28s Mi 05 Feb 2020 01:35:12 CET bush choking on pretzel bookmarks for /home/skremsler/Radio_X/RuFFM/2020-01-18_18-55_-_RadioX_-_RuFFM.mp3 7 at 01h:02m:18s Mi 05 Feb 2020 00:49:34 CET fighter 18 at 01h:02m:46s Mi 05 Feb 2020 01:26:08 CET full spectrum

If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to share and/or ask!