Customise the time format above the progress bar?

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I have some very long mp3s and after a certain point in the audio the progression reads only minutes, e.g.:

103m 305m [ 409m]

Is it possible to customise it so it always shows the hours, minutes and seconds? Something like:


It would help when trying to cue in the middle of the tracks.


This is a matter of available screen real estate. On 80 column screens, there is simply no space available for a full-length time. Unfortunately, the time formatting is not screen-width sensitive.

This is also an issue I have with some of the current developments, and I am thinking about a way of making the status area more flexible. However, my currently-preferred approach is overly complicated so I have to keep thinking.

What about only showing the detailed time in the first field and leaving the other two as minutes forlong tracks?

HH:MM:SS 123m [400m}

The logic being that only the first field is needed to cue.

I had thought one solution was to display only the current playpoint, but in your circumstance you'd probably also want the time remaining. So, it comes back to a configurable status area.