theme colour problem

MOC version: 

Hi all, very trivial i know but I love the black_orange theme (link below)

and I wonder if someone could explain why 'orange' is not a part of the code that generates it? I am trying to tweek it to get more yellow going with the black and white but to no success at all. I have a rapsberry PI 3+b if that has any bearing on it. On every monitor i've seen it on it's a predominantly orange experience but i'm baffled why orange does not figure at all in it's code?! Can anyone give me a steer on this and tell me why if they know please?


According to example theme comments:

# FOREGOUND_COLOR and BACKGROUND_COLOR can have one of the following values: # black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white, default (can be # transparent), grey (not standard, but works)

These colors are supported directly by ncurses. It is possible to define your own colors using colordef.

As to the question why orange is not part of the theme: terminal emulators display colors in a various way. Apparently yellow color turns out to be more orangy. The comment in the theme states that it looks more yellowy in xterm. Using themes you often notice that the same theme looks different on different terminal emulators (in my case notably xfce-terminal and konsole). It is thus safer to use user defined colors but it might also be reproduced incorrectly by some terminals. I don't remember all the details but some hints can be found e.g. here:

BTW. black_orange theme is missing a few lines needed for recent MOC to show all elements correctly. I'll post update in the relevant thread.

many thanks for the info. In all honesty i'm probalby out of my depth, lots of talk of terminals but I just hdmi out of my raspberry into a big digital TV so i guess thats my terminal. I'll try and maybe backward engineer another simple theme and tweek it into the colours i want that way. thanks again.

So, you either use "kernel" text console or some program to get console in graphical environment. That's what I meant by terminal emulator.

After i opened my eyes a bit more i found i could change from VGA to xterm 'displays' using my preferences in my raspberry environment and the colours appeared as they should do. many thanks, happy moc user.