Here is 2.3.0-beta2: many bugs from the previous release were fixed and two more little features were added.

  • Added --playit option (play files given on the command line without
    modifing the playlist).
  • Added UseRealtimePriority (default no) option: set realtime priority for
    the output buffer thread.
  • Fixed using national characters in entry fields.
  • Titles in saved playlists are not converted by iconv().
  • Fixed crash on some systems when a file is precached.
  • Fixed operations on RB trees: this fixes using shuffle and some memory
  • Changed AlsaMixer2 from MASTER to Master (this is case sensitive and the
    old version didn't work).
  • Fixed getting the played file's name when we use shuffled playlist and we
    add a file.
  • Fixed crash when the search menu is empty and we press enter.
  • Fixed passing URL on command line.
  • Refuse to run if an ALSA mixer channel is wrong.
  • Fied adding items to the playlist when the server's playlist already has
    added files.
  • Fixed a memory leak in iconv_str() when iconv() is not available. (breg)