Is this project dead?

I see nobody develops moc. Is this project dead, will it be revived soon?

There have been some 'third party additions' (scripts, patches, themes) in the last time. Definitly things are developing.

I recently was allowed to commit changes to the svn repo and I am planning to do so as there are some ideas I would really like to implement. So I would not consider this project 'dead'.
The main problem currently hindering myself from actively contributing to this project is a huge load of work I am paid for to do ( :-/ ) .

Not only you, I think that most of the people have same "problem".
Bad it that even daper (main developer and owner of this project) have this "problem" for few months now.

As golemj already said I have a problem with my free time, so without contributors it's unlikely that MOC will be actively developed.

Another issue is that I have a new job for about 7 months. I'm working as a programmer in a big polish internet portal. Currently we're developing some interesting stuff - software which is part of our mail system (one of biggest in Poland, few millions mail accounts). Everything runs on on Open Source operating systems. It's something I really like, we meet issues with scalability, fault tolerance, and security. Developing a music player after this work isn't as interesting as it used to be. :(

Damian Pietras - MOC developer