2.5.0-alpha3 release: community release

New alpha version is here. The list of new features is not very long although. I've called it "community release' because all changes except one were contributed. I know it's been long time from the last release, but we have it and this proofs that Open Source works and community exist :)

New features:

  • AAC plugin with intenet streams support.
  • New options in themes to make file time and playlist numbers highlighted. (Marc Tschiesche). Update to existing themes is needed, without that they will look bad.
  • Software mixer. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add -Q (--format) FORMAT_STRING option to display file information like with --info but using a format string where sequences like '%album', '%title' are substituted. (Juho Hämäläinen)
  • Don't exit program if the terminal heught is below some limit, just print an error message. (Niels Aan de Brugh)
  • Some fixes as usual including patches merged from the stable line.


It might be just me who couldn't find them at first, but the new theme options are called:
selected_info, marked_info and marked_selected_info