keymap problems - german keyboard layout


I got a German keyboard layout (qwertz) and am using dwm. In dwm I am assigning tags to different windows with M-[0-9]. This is why i wanted to change the volume_[0-9]0 options to ^[0-9], but then I get following response from mocp:

FATAL_ERROR: Key ^r is defined for refresh and volume_20

i haven't changed anything else at this state, and file says:

.moc/richi.keymap: ASCII English text

Anyone got a solution for this?

If I start with a copied keymap.example again, and want to set the go_to_fast_dir[0-9] option to my uppercase 1-0 letters (on my German keyboard), this would result in !"§$%&/()=, but then mocp will complain about the §:

FATAL_ERROR: Parse error in the keymap file line 100: bad key sequence

I think this is because § is not an ascii char, and vim converts the keymap file to:

.moc/richi.keymap: UTF-8 Unicode English text

Anyone knows how to work around this?


If this is really an ASCII-Problem (7Bit), § would cause trouble as it is an extended character.

You could try to save your document as ISO-8859-1(5), the west-european charset (ASCII + 8-bit extended characters).

in Vim (if it supports conversion, else you could use iconv):
:set fenc=iso-8859-15

(Still your terminal may have other opinions about how to deliver the keys to moc, so this might not work)

But maybe it helps...

The :set fenc=iso-8859-15 did the trick, so that mocp was able to parse the keymap file, but when i then see in the help, § will be mentioned as M-'. I discovered, that the numbers 1-0 aren't assigned to any commands, so that i took them for the fastdirs, but the problem with ^r and ^2 still remains.