ffmpeg-plugin does not work with installed aac-plugin

In Debian we now have ffmpeg libs compiled against libfaad2. Building moc aginst those make playing mpeg4 (m4a) files possible. AAC is not recignized. But if build with both the aac plugin and the ffmpeg plugin, aac is regognized and can be played but m4a files can not. There is something counterproductive.


I have just hit the same problem. I've compiled mocp 2.5.0 alpha 3 with ffmpeg and faad plugins (after patching the broken configure script that doesn't detect latest faad).

On trying to play m4a files I get the message that it is an unsupported file type. I had this working on mocp 2.5.0 alpha 2 (but there it would've been with ffmpeg decoding since there was no aac plugin using faad).

The ffmpeg decoder also fails on real audio wma files. Says there are no audio stream in the file (what a lie! - mplayer can play the audio in the file fine.)


I have found why ffmpeg decoder is reporting that files have no audio stream. The header file location for avformat.h has changed (now in include directory libavformat rather than the old ffmpeg) and I had an old avformat.h file left in the old location. Thus the compilation picked up the wrong header avformat.h file for the installed ffmpeg library. I see in another post that this is fixed in svn.

But the problem that the aac plugin refuses to decode m4a files remains.

All possible ffmpeg flavours are now working. I have had to rebuild the package against actual Debian-ffmpeg and libdts, which we're missing since gcc 4.3, and now everything works perfect ;)

Again, many thanks for that outstanding piece of software ;-)
Elimar Riesebieter - Debian's moc maintainer.
The path to source is always uphill ;-)

afaik mplayer have it's own version of ffmpeg (libavcodec) so are you sure that it using external ffmpeg as moc use?

I was getting the same error on a gentoo system and solved it by recompiling moc with USE=-aac. The problem appeared to be moc trying to use an internal decoder (aac.c) instead of ffmpeg. The debug output from both the borked USE=aac and the fixed USE=-aac is posted in the gentoo forums:


What is the purpose of aac.c if the aac decoding is done with ffmpeg? If it's no longer in development and remains broken, perhaps it should be marked as such or removed so that it doesn't cause problems.

All complaints aside, thanks to the developers for the genius console player!

Resolved by SVN r2378.