New Sound Card routine

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I've been running MOC with an old usb card with no problem for a years but I now have a new audio mixer with a 24bit / 96kHz USB Soundcard on board. I've hooked up to the new sound card and it's registered as my default soundcard with Alsa mixer after it's name, but when i reboot I get the 'no valid sound driver' text. The bit rate of the new card at 24 is more than the old 16 bit one so do I need to get into the config file and start editing the soundcard entries or something similar?

Just checking before i get under the hood if anyone can give me a steer on what is the most likely issue here please.


There is a option "Allow24bitOutput" which defaults to "no" for historical reasons. You can try to change it to "yes" and see if it helps. Also you might need to change options like ALSADevice, ALSAMixer1 and ALSAMixer2.

You can try to run moc with debug enabled (-D option) if it is compiled in or at least run the server in the foreground (-SF options) to see if there are some extra error messages which can shed more light on the situation.

Thanks T. 24 bit was enabled, i tried a lot of config things but no luck and reverted to original config file then saw a good tute and downloaded qjackcontrol which downloaded 'jack' i think, i then put pulse audio on too then rebooted and boom i'm good. I need to understand the audio configuring better than i do but for now i have an upgraded soundcard to enjoy for a while. thanks