How do I use -y --sync ?

MOC version: 

I have moc installed on my Debian system, and saw that there's an option for -y, --sync in the man page.

This copy of the interface will synchronize its playlist with other clients. This option is called SyncPlaylist in the configuration file.

I then took a look at the config file:

# When using more than one client (interface) at a time, do they share # the playlist? #SyncPlaylist = yes

Does this mean that the -y option is for syncing different moc clients running on different accounts on a local device, moc clients running on different devices, or something else?

It means between multiple MOC clients running on the same machine as the same user and talking to the same MOC server. Or to put it another way, all clients using the same socket file in the user's .moc directory.

Now, it would be interesting to see what happens if different clients running as different users are accessing the same MOC directory (with appropriate permissions). It's something I've not tried, but if you wanted to do so and report back I'm sure it would be useful piece of information.