No volume control as user

When I run moc as root, I am able to control the volume with < and >. When I run moc as a user I can hear the sound, but I am not able to control the volume. (User is in the audio group and alsamixer _does_ work for the user). Is there a solution to this?

Here's a link to someone in the ubuntu forums who seems to be having the same problem, -

I am using arch linux and moc-2.4.3-3.

I am using arch linux (not exactly, it's a gnuffy system, so the package manager is another one) and the arch linux package moc-2.4.3-3 as well. As i do not experience the same problem as you do, the problem must exist somewhere else in your system :-)

It seems to be working all of a sudden. I must hav altered system configuration somehow. Rebooting fixed it.

I thought it was working, but volume control only worked that one time :(