Show filenames instead of using tags?

Hi there,

Is it possible to set the 'Playing...' part in the interface to only use filenames and not tags? There is an option in the config for setting filenames but it doesn't seem to apply to that bit.

I have played with the FormatString option but there seems to be no %f for filename there. Removing that option or just leaving the seperate parts blank does not work. If there are no ID3 tags for the track moc will just show you the filename so the functionality is there, I would just like to force it myself if possible. Maybe something I am missing?


There is no way to do that currently.

Ok, no problem. Great app anyway, thanks.

Is this still not possible?

I'll look at doing this for you in MOC 2.6. Is there a requirement for displaying the tags in the directory/playlist but filename in the status?