FormatString and Themes

Probably the one with the FormatString is a bug but it could be a missing feature, anyway I wanted to make a nested check on a property, something like: "%(A: \(%A%(a: - %a:)\):)" but moc just crashes and obviously ruins the term. So well, just asking if I'm failing somewhere and if I'm not noticing you that there's this bug :)

The Theme bug is pretty weird, I wanted to change the color of the [time|type] thingy but in the default themes there wasn't anything that did it, so I checked the sources and found:

{ "selected_info", CLR_MENU_ITEM_INFO_SELECTED },
{ "marked_info", CLR_MENU_ITEM_INFO_MARKED },
{ "marked_selected_info", CLR_MENU_ITEM_INFO_MARKED_SELECTED },

I tryed to use them but:

{ "empty_mixer_bar", CLR_MIXER_BAR_EMPTY },
{ "filled_mixer_bar", CLR_MIXER_BAR_FILL },
{ "empty_time_bar", CLR_TIME_BAR_EMPTY },
{ "filled_time_bar", CLR_TIME_BAR_FILL },

Disappeared (as in the elements in the interface went trasparent (or completely black)), am I still failing somewhere or is it a bug?

Thank you, bye.