Randomize the playlist ?

I've been using moc for years now - it is quite possibly the finest audio player known to this planet.

One thing I've missed in moc though is a randomize playlist feature. If this ability already exists, I can't seem to find it. I see the shuffle option - shuffle leaves the listener not knowing what song will be played next. It's a good feature - though sometimes I just wish to hit a key several times and watch the playlist randomized.

I'm a C novice - but I'd be happy to assist in implementing such a feature. I'd possibly need to be guided in the right direction. I imagine that a randomize list function would probably consist of just a dozen or so lines of code.




just want to say that imho that would be great to have such a function :)
i like the idea

would you please try this patch (against current svn)?

Known bugs:
- When randomizing the playlist from directory menu, "The playlist was cleared" message appears which might be quite confusing.