I would like not to parse mp3 id tags even at the bottom status bar.


I'm now using mocp on arch linux.

$ mocp --version
moc 2.4.4 Build: Mar 21 2009 06:20:27

It's really cool, it plays well.

I'm Koren, so I often listen to Korean music. I'm now living in Thailand, so I listen to Thai songs, too.

My mp3 tags are encoded to utf-8, cp949(korean), cp874(thai). That's why I have to distinguish songs from one to another by "file name"

My config file is like this:

ReadTags = no
FormatString = "%(n:%n :)%(a:%a - :)%(t:%t:)%(A: \(%A\):)"
ShowFormat = yes
ID3v1TagsEncoding = UTF-8
#UseRCC = yes
PlaylistFullPaths = no

At the bottom, I've got status bar, it shows which song is being played. It seems to parse mp3 id tags. I don't want to parse it because it's mostly broken. I just want to see "file name" encoded in "utf-8".

Is there any additional option, or do I have to wait for a new feature patch?