Gigabyte-sized .WAVs?

Hello everyone,

First let me say that MoC is fantastic: it's by far the best music player - console or gui based - I've ever used.

But I've run into a snag. I have a couple audio rips from some DVDs: they are 24-bit, 96khz, mostly two-channel, one with six, ripped in .WAV format. Now, MoC handles the higher rates just fine, but two of the files which are respectively 3-gigs and 2.3 gigs do not appear in the MoC directory listing at all. The files play fine through mplayer, but MoC simply doesn't even recognize them. I encoded the 3-gig file into flac - producing a 1.5-gig file - and that appears in MoC and plays just fine.

Is there a limit to the file sizes MoC can handle (at possibly 2 gigs), and if so why? Or am I entirely on the wrong track and not supplying enough information for anybody else to have an idea of what's going on? (Incidentally, I'm running Ubuntu Linux 9.04 with the last stable MoC release, 2.4.4.)

Thanks - and it's still the best player I've ever used.