UTF-8 problems with mp3 tags.

I'm having problems with showing UTF-8 tags.

Checked with OGG and they get showed right but with mp3 it fails.

I tried to put ID3v1TagsEncoding = UTF-8 in the config but I get # instead of the right char.

The tags are already in UTF-8, so duh, help me fix it :(

Thank you :)

Oh I forgot to say that I'm using moc-2.5.0-alpha3.

I couldn't get the SVN code to work, if there are fixes about UTF-8 tags in alpha4/SVN I'll try to get it working.


  • convert ID3v2-tags to utf8 using tag2utf.
  • remove ID3v1-tags:
    <br /> sudo aptitude install -y python-mutagen<br /> find [music directory] -iname '*.mp3' -print0 | xargs -0 mid3iconv --remove-v1<br />

Original. I tried, it works!

It worked, thank you :D

But well, couldn't moc ignore v1 tags? :(

Edit: Ok, I managed to patch it, it works for me, here's the patch based on the latest SVN version: http://sprunge.us/MBFB

Hope it's useful to someone :)

After a quick look I can see that it just ignores v1 tags, but what if there are only v1 tags? OR I don't understand your code :)

From what I saw if there are only v1 tags, |(id3_tag_options(tag, 0, 0) & ID3_TAG_OPTION_ID3V1) && __unique_frame(tag, frame)| will be true, because the ID3_TAG_OPTION_ID3V1 is on when v1 tags are present, but if there is also the v2 tag there are 2 frames of the same type, hence the __unique_frame returns false, with v1 tags only __unique_frame will return true, and it will go in the latin1/RCC thingy.

Or I could be failing hard :P

You are right. Thanks for the patch. Please tell me you full name for the changelog.

Use "meh." if it is not a problem, or leave it unamed if you need a full name.

It could sound childish but I don't like my real name and I don't like to put it on the internet, sorry.

Thank you, and keep going with the hard work, I really love MOC :)