fatal error while decoding mp4a

Scenario: FreeBSD 8.0 stable, freshly compiled and installed ffmpeg et al.
Playing the same file using ffplay works, so no corrupt data (I hope). Playing mp3 works, so no .

mocp 2.4.4 crashes as soon as the file is selected for playback.

Any advice on further debugging?

Thanks :)

last entries in server log are

Feb 14 18:36:33.307636: server.c:436 send_events(): Flushing events for client 0
Feb 14 18:36:33.307683: player.c:451 decode_loop(): loop...
Feb 14 18:36:33.307792: ffmpeg.c:267 ffmpeg_decode(): Got 7B packet

client crashes
Feb 14 18:36:33.293403: interface.c:3196 dequeue_events(): Dequeuing events...
Feb 14 18:36:33.293481: interface.c:3203 dequeue_events(): done
Feb 14 18:36:33.307896: interface.c:951 server_event(): EVENT: 0x01
Feb 14 18:36:33.308194: common.c:55 fatal(): FATAL ERROR: Can't receive value from the server.
Feb 14 18:36:33.310732: main.c:124 sig_chld(): Got SIGCHLD