Playlist CLI patch

Its always bugged me that there is no way to print the playlist straight from the cli. This is especially annoying when I was trying to write a simple GUI client for moc using the excellent python bindings. So, I wrote a quick patch to make "mocp -z" or "mocp --playlist" output the current playlist.

Output format is
# Title -- Artist (Album) Length

Sample output:

[jarek@feather ~/python-moc/moc-2.5.0-alpha4]$ ./mocp -z
1: Dream On -- Aerosmith (Areosmith's Greatest Hits) 04:28
2: Crazy -- Aerosmith (Big Ones) 05:16
3: Janie's Got a gun -- Aerosmith () 05:30
4: Walk This Way -- Aerosmith () 05:10
5: Shadow on the Sun -- Audioslave (Audioslave) 05:47
6: Be Yourself -- Audioslave (Be Yourself) 04:38
7: Turn to Gold -- Audioslave (The Civilian Project) 04:03

The link to the patch can be found here.