How to deal with encodings?

I have many file and directory names that contain accented characters such as à, é, õ, ç, and they were not displayed correctly in moc-2.5.0-alpha3. They were all replaced by '#' or '##'.

I just installed moc-2.5.0-alpha4. The man page on the new version doesn't say anything about encodings. My only clue is this page:

"Add the following options: EnforceTagsEncoding (assume, that if encoding of id3v2 is set to ISO-8859-1, then it is actually ID3v1TagsEncoding), FileNamesIconv (conversion of filenames from local encoding to UTF8), NonUTFXterm (conversion of xterm title from UTF8 to local encoding)."

OK. But how does that work? I can't find any documentation for it. So I did the obvious thing: guessing.

FileNamesIconv = yes

That far it works, now my file names look right. But the tags don't. While some of the accented characters are displayed correctly, others are replaced by '#' or '##'. It does not depend on the file, so I would suppose some files are using different encoding. The problem seems to be on specific characters, namely ã and ê (the ones I have identified so far).

So I did some more guessing:

EnforceTagsEncoding = yes

Nothing changes.

ID3v1TagsEncoding = yes

Nothing changes.

ID3v1TagsEncoding = ISO-8859-1

Nothing changes.

NonUTFXterm = yes

I don't even understand what that one does. Anyway, nothing changes.

Is there any solution to this?

I just fired mocp and noticed that all characters are displayed correctly in the ID3 tags. Somehow. I didn't change anything in the configuration. It's just another day. So I guess that maybe the "reboot" fixed it. Somehow. I don't know. Shrug.

Maybe you forgot to make install after compilation, just like I did some time ago ;-)
I was toying with mp3.c trying to trace/debug the process of extracting tags and couldn't get any logs.
Obviously, because I was using the same old plugins :-D
And I was lucky because meanwhile the error was fixed by finally giving ID3v2 tags precedence over ID3v1.x...