No valid sound driver on OS X 10.6/macports

Hey, can anyone help me get moc working on OS X 10.6.7? I installed it from macports but it doesn't work, fails to launch with "FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver". I googled and found some responses to this error that said you have to have jack installed, but I already have jack installed from macports.

Here's the full output:

seanh@sooty:~ % port variants moc
moc has the variants:
[+]autojack: Autostart jack on mocp init and close it on server stop
universal: Build for multiple architectures
vorbis: Add support for ogg files
without_ffmpeg: Disable some decoders provided by ffmpeg
seanh@sooty:~ % sudo port install moc +vorbis
---> Computing dependencies for moc
---> Dependencies to be installed: jack
---> Fetching jack
---> Verifying checksum(s) for jack
---> Extracting jack
---> Configuring jack
---> Building jack
---> Staging jack into destroot
---> Installing jack @0.118.0_1
---> Activating jack @0.118.0_1
---> Cleaning jack
---> Fetching moc
---> Verifying checksum(s) for moc
---> Extracting moc
---> Applying patches to moc
---> Configuring moc
---> Building moc
---> Staging moc into destroot
---> Installing moc @2.4.4_0+autojack+vorbis
---> Activating moc @2.4.4_0+autojack+vorbis
---> Cleaning moc
seanh@sooty:~ % mocp
zsh: correct 'mocp' to 'mpc' [nyae]? n
Running the server...
Trying JACK...

FATAL_ERROR: No valid sound driver

FATAL_ERROR: Server exited

seanh@sooty:~ % (2)

Hey Sean!

Maybe just a little late but... I've also struggled a little to get MOC running on OSX.

Point is that you have to start Jack before you start MOC itself.
Just use this command in a terminal window (suggest getting iTerm2):

jackd -d coreaudio

It'll be a little verbose and spit some errors, but MOC will then find Jack and play just fine.
Should do the trick, hope I've been some kind of helpful.