Playlist errors

Well, this thing is really pissing me off.

Some files, when I add to the playlist, is normal, others come with your directory+name
The only difference I found between them was :

directory+name = Stereo
name = JntStereo

Has anyone had this problem, or has, or knows how to solve? thank you :p

My best guess is that the last two files contain tags where the others don't. If you toggle the 'ReadTags' option using the 'f' key, do they all look the same? If not, get back to me and I'll look deeper.

Toggling the 'PlaylistFullPaths' option using the 'P' key would be an alternative.

I'm feeling like those guys who do not read the manual before go to the forums, hahahgh

The f key, shows all path and do not changes anything.
Now the P key, resolve my problems.

I was looking at my ~/.moc/config and I saw this feature commented so I didn't do anything,
and there it was, resolving my issue.

Apparently, the option P solves my problems with some Stereo files, don't know why, but works

Thank you, life long to moc