Feature request: one-keypress directory add and play


It is very nice that mocp usage relies solely on the folder structure, without any usage of media libraries. And for me there could be one option than would make my (and, hopefully, not only mine) user experience way better.

When I listen to music, I don't compose any particular playlists — I just add an album or a discography, i.e. one whole folder, to the playlist and play it. And for me there are too many keystrokes involved: /, %folder name%, C, A, Tab, Enter. Why not combine C, A, Tab, Enter into one keystroke?

I'm curious if there is any way to do this in current version of mocp. If not, I would really appreciate if the developers added this feature. Actually, this is the one thing why I adored foobar2000 back in my Windows days : ) If mocp had this, for me it would finally be perfect.

User-defined keypresses are coming -- simple in MOC 2.6, scripted in 2.8 (assuming I ever get the bugs in 2.5 fixed).

Thanks, looking forward to this.