Upgrading from 2.3.x to 2.4.x

When upgrading to 2.4.x release you can run into few problems.

  • Name for the plugin for Vorbis format was changed from ogg to vorbis. It is recommended to delete the old plugin before running the new version. If you have installed MOC in /usr/local, do as root:
    rm /usr/local/lib/moc/decoder_plugins/libogg_decoder.*
    Not doing this can cause problems.
  • As always: make sure that the old version of MOC is not running when you upgraded. Even if you don't see the interface, the server can still run, do ps ax | grep mocp and kill old processes (you might use mocp -x).
  • Option ]toggle_playlist was changed to toggle_menu in keymap file, so if you use a custom keymap you can get an error like this:
    FATAL_ERROR: Parse error in the keymap file line 39: unknown command
    To fix it, change toggle_playlist to toggle_menu in your keymap file.
  • TagsIconv and FileNamesIconv options are now ignored since MOC uses UTF-8. There are problems with encoding of ID3v1 tags, if you have mp3 files with non-ASCII characters and problems with displaying them, try using ID3v1TagsEncoding option or compile MOC with librcc.
  • Switching between the playlist and the directory is now done wich TAB key instead of l by default. The l key switches between menu layouts.
  • In 2.4.x the menu is split into two parts: the playlist and the directory view similar to Midnight Commander. You can switch to the old layout using the l key. If you want to use the old layout always after atartup, add these lines to your ~/.moc/config file:
    Layout1 = "directory:0,0,100%,100% playlist:0,0,100%,100%"
    Layout2 = "directory:0,0,50%,100% playlist:50%,0,50%,100%"