Plans for 2.4

The list is very dynamic, even for the next release things are added, removed and modified often.

Features Status
Better international characters handling - tags in UTF. Some work has been done
Progrssive tags reading: read them only if the menu items requiring them are visible (as an option).  
Tags cache saved to a file on exit and read at startup.  
Count speex time by reading granule position from the last page.  
Moving items on the playlist up and down.  
Move the playlist to see the song that is currently played.  
Toggle themes at run time.  
Add a command for adding an Internet stream address to the playlist.  
Short cut to execute a command, for example: pressing J executes cp %CURRENT_FILE /mnt/mp3_player.  
Call clear_area only if windows are overlaping. (if this will improve thepe rformance)  
Remove leading and trailing whitespaces from entered URL's.  
MusicDir can be a playlist.  
Configurable layout.  
Rewrite interface code for better design.  
Cached tags.  
Numbering items on the playlist.  
Commands: --append, --clear, --play work as expected even if there is no client running.  
Use full paths instead of just file names for displaying on the playlist.  
Silent seeking can be configured using SilentSeekTime option.  
After adding a file to the playlist, the cursor is moved down.  
The help screen's position is kept when it's not displayed.  
-e is an alias for -a which should be recursively.  
Pressing n when nothing is played should start playing from the first item on the playlist.  
  • Red items are just plans.
  • Green items are thing already done, but can't necessary be found in the latest development release, if something were commited to the SVN repository, it's marked as done.