MOC and urxvt

There are two things that make me unhappy with MOC :(
First, MOC doesn't resize itself properly when "inheritPixmap" option in urxvt is on.
Second, SetXtermTitle doesn't work with urxvt, even with xterm. Other programs can change terminal title successfully.
Does anybody have similar problems? I'm on Archlinux, urxvt 8.2? MOC 2.5.0-alpha2.

I'm on Source Mage GNU/Linux and resizing with inheritPixmap works fine.
Problem that SetXtermTitle does not work is same here.

Can you provide output from echo $TERM in this terminal?

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Umm, I see...
$TERM set to "xterm-color" in /etc/profile by default (in Arch Linux). When I change it to "xterm", MOC shows info in window's title.
Maybe it will be more accurate to identify terminal by WM_CLASS?

Almost same here. When I change TERM to xterm then it works. My urxvt have TERM set to rxvt-unicode by default.

Please try this patch: (apply with patch -p0 < patch_file). MOC dont know such things as WM_CLASS because it's not an X client, it has only access to the terminal.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

works for me

I'm using rxvt-unicode and this works fine.


Is this allready included in 2.5.0-alpha3? If not, when will it be included?
EDIT: never mind, latest alpha is available with my packaging system right now and it works