Annoying player quirk..

If you have SHUFFLE turned on, when a track changes in the player, the list is scrolled down to it's entry...or up, depending on where the song is listed. The problem with this is that if you want to choose something similar, either by arrowing up or arrowing down, the highlighted/selected doesn't follow the keystrokes.

Suggestion: Scroll the pane so that the currently playing song is in the center. The highlight should also be fixed in the center, the the songs scrolled beneath it, instead of having the selector move up and down.

Does anybody know if this trait has been fixed in the latest version?

Erp, forgot to give you guys something to reproduce it with..

Select any song w/ the Enter key.

Hit the N key to skip to the next track..

Arrow up or down a few times..

Hit N again.

You'll see the list doesn't scroll to the song now being played.

If I understand this correct, you would want to have something like:
On manual skip -> Scroll to played song
On song change -> Only scroll to played song if no manual movement occurred [for some time]

Or did I miss an important thing ?

I personally would definitely want this to be configurable as I might be searching for a song in the playlist while I want to skip the current song.