MOC over VPN

Hi when I use MOC over hamachi vpn, when the tunnel has a problem MOC is unable to detect this / respond in any way
* it still thinkgs its playing from mocp --info *

I suggest making a command line flag to detect when the seconds are no longer going up to count as a failure / retry.

many thanks


another thing which would be good is to over ride the play list not allowed the same url twice in it.
or another way is a command line flag for: Alternating a URL location between FILES this would work out a awesomely simple way for radio stations to have a def con 5 ( --total-disaster URL ) a play list that will endeavor to try back the Stream URL after every song of the play list has played.

I know liquidsoap exists for radio stations liquid soap is top bit of coding.. to that purpose but it still does not provide a total disaster scenario... with a elegant, simple, small foot print, etc..

bump! :( I think ive found a actual bug today I tested mocp leaving it with a playlist .. when the stream had a problem it fell onto the playlist i left.. so when I did: mocp -c I was supprised to see that mocp --info believed it was still in state: PLAYING argh.. this breaks scripts now trying to manage mocp when playing a stream