FATAL_ERROR: Can't recieve value from the server. When playing WMA.

I compiled and installed ffmpeg (svn release, 12 hours old as of writing this post), libmad, libid3tag, libogg and libvorbis. Then MOC 2.4.1 stable.

MP3s and OGGs play fine. However when I try to play a WMA file I get a "FATAL_ERROR: Can't receive value from the server." and a really ugly crash. The blue screen of MOCP stays up with the terminal prompt super-imposed over some of the bottom of the screen. The terminal behavior goes crazy too. I had to restart putty and reconnect to get it back to normal.

I see no MOCP processes running when I do a "ps ax | grep mocp".

mocp -D: http://scythe.gotdns.com:1337/mocp_debug.zip

As you've probably gathered I'm somewhat new to this Linux business. The main reason I'm messing with this is to learn more about the OS.


Whoops, I'd put the wrong log files in that zip. Re-download the log files if you've downloaded them already.


Perchance you've obtained a problematic ffmpeg-snapshot.
I'm using a snapshot from August 16 2006 (actually a bit patched by a gentoo-package maintainer, but nothing essential I think) and have no problems.

Maybe you should give an older snapshot a try but perhaps the problem lies elsewere...
If you have specific packages for your distribution, you should test with them before using a snapshot IMHO.

Good luck anyway :-)

I am having this problem using Gentoo moc ~2.4.1 and ffmpeg 0.4.9_p20061016. I also tried the ~0.4.9_p20070129 version with no success (no aac codec for some reason...)
What are the use flags you have gotten this working with?

If I remember this correct, there is a small problem with the ffmpeg-includes in moc.
I made a very small patch (2.4.1-ffmpegbug.patch) that fixes the problem and use an overlayed ebuild for moc.

Why this problem only seems to occur on Gentoo is something I do not understand...

If you are interested you can use my ebuilds (by the time of this also for 2.5.0-alpha1) : http://www.tzi.de/~hiben/moc/

(I will post the ebuild on gentoo-bugzilla sometime later I think...)


using the current unstable version 2.5.0-alpha3-r2 on gentoo, I am still having this problem.
Any help is appreciated...
I also tried it with the ebuild of hiben, but it gives the same...
Also svn checkout does that...

What to do...???

Check out the debug files at http://www.eightonions.com/gentoo/moc/mocp_[client|server]_log

I'm using ffmpeg(svn20061221). Compiling moc 2.4.1 prints out a warning : ffmpeg: implicit declaration of function 'logit'.
I have fixed that by adding #undef LOG_H in ffmpeg.c. Now I can play .m4a and .wma without crash.


/* FFmpeg also likes common names, without that, our common.h would not be
* included. */
#undef COMMON_H

#undef LOG_H

#define DEBUG

I've fixed it about a week ago in SVN, so the next release will not have this bug.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

This crash is now possibly resolved by SVN commit r2398.

Screen upset after FATAL resolved by SVN commit r2413.