Bug - MOC 2.5.0-beta1 - GUI is leaking while playing streams


I am not sure if it is less severe than previous version. Currently, MOCP consumes between 40MB to 46MB. When MOCP starts up, it takes around 10MB. Keeping MOCP (Ncurses GUI) opened for a few hours will cause it to leak.

I put a lot of effort into plugging all the memory leaks I could find under fairly severe testing on both my test suite and regular use, but my usage patterns will be different from yours. What is the mix of formats you're playing?

Also see: node/848

I mostly use audio streams of mp3 and ogg.

I haven't in the past been able to play streams (nothing to do with MOC) so it's not an area I've tested MOC with very well myself. But I'll see what I can do.

In a well deserved win for the MOC Software Corporation's Long-Range Remote Debugging Division and many hours of work at the other end of the wire, "GenghisKhan" and I have finally found and fixed the source of this bug.

This hard-to-find leak in the client is small and slow so only becomes apparent when playing for many hours Internet streams with frequently changing metadata. But once we were able to isolate it to a particular code path the cause became obvious.

Many thanks to "GenghisKhan" for sticking with me in debugging this problem and for running many tests each lasting many hours over a period of many months.

Fix committed to SVN as r2530.