Hi, whenever I see a song filename that has non-english characters, it appears with random characters like "A" with a ~ on it or a copyright symbol for example. The folders names are not affected by it, only files.

Sigur Rós
should be: Sigur Rós

We know MOC does not handle non-ASCII character sets well. Considerable progress has been made in the most obvious areas in version 2.5, but it's far from being perfect. We are planning on making it at least fully Unicode compliant sometime in 2.6, but it's a big job.

That you only see the misrepresentation in filenames and not directory names is an interesting distinction.

Thanks, at least I know I just have to wait, unless I gain the knowledge in enough time to help myself.

Just fyi, special characters (Swedish ä, ö, and å) in filenames (and dirs) work fine for me. This is moc in rxvt-unicode.