separate tracks from a single file


I don't know how DeaDBeeF do, but in this application whenever i load a single flac file he separate tracks from 1 to dhe end of tracks.

while on moc load only single file "xxx xxx.flac" to just one.

Is there a way to divided tracks on a single flac, ape, wav to multiple tracks along loading from directory?

Thank you

Your flac file has probably internal CUE sheet which includes information about track splitting points. Right now MOC doesn't support CUE sheets (neither internal nor external).

I also met this problem multiple times and the best way for me was to split these files into separate tracks. There are many tools which can do it easily, such as shnsplit and split2flac:

Thanks for your reply and suggestion,

I thought i could find a solution to the moc config, since moc doesn't support CUE sheet may we know if one day will support it?

I know there are many tools that makes splits of tracks but i'am interested to leave the original file untouched.

Thank you once again.

The answer is: definitely... I want it myself.

There are a couple of cuesheet patches floating around. But as MOC moves forward, these patches break. One day they'll be integrated into the code base, but the time is not now. I had intended to do that in MOC 2.7, but then I'd also expected to be there by this time.

What is really needed is a volunteer to keep the contributed patches alive in the web site's "Contrib" section until such time as they can be integrated. I don't have the time to do that; my available time is heavily invested in getting MOC 2.5 ready for release.

Also see Forum topics 355, 504 and 527.

Just thought of a way to preserve original files and it turns out that somebody already implemented that: