MOC 2.5.2 and 2.6-alpha3 Released

The last month can be described as nothing less than victorious for MOC.

The infamous stuttering problem which makes long-playing audio sound like a broken record under some circumstances has finally been traced to ALSA's dmix component. So the circumvention for the ALSA stutter bug has been included in both the latest 2.5.2 maintenance and 2.6-alpha3 development releases which are now available.

The other significant problem which has been resolved in both releases is the failure to build on split ncurses/tinfo systems.

Perhaps the most significant new functionality in 2.6-alpha3 is the ability for the FFmpeg decoder to read from Internet streams. That makes all the formats and codecs the FFmpeg/LibAV libraries support able to be played from streamed audio.

Other noteworthy functionality enchancements are:

  • 24-bit support has been added to the OSS sound driver.
  • All formats provided by Sndfile are now supported.
  • The DSD formats are now supported via FFmpeg/LibAV.

As always, check the distribution NEWS file for a more complete summary and the SVN log for the full details.


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