asx file support


Does the latest version of MOC support asx files?. If not would it be very difficult to add?

afaik no but you may write plug-in decoder which will support it.

Would that be a difficult thing for an ordinary Linux user to do?. If not where could I find some info on how to do it?

That depends on your programming skills. You may look in moc source code and take a look to libmp3_decoder plug-in or any other decoder plug-in.


As far as I know, ASX files do not define an audio-format. They are only metadata containers like playlists.

Some radio streams are actually providing WMA(v2) streams and the ASX files just point to the real source of the stream.

That does not really make it better as moc does currently not support WMA streams (or does it ?) but that would be the way to go...

Parsing ASX files should (in general) be easy as it is just some perverted XML derivate...