i have installed minimal ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop.

When i run "mocp" from terminal and go to a directory i get this error:

FATAL_ERROR: Can't receive value from the Server

But when i do "sudo mocp". It allows me to play songs perfectly.

Anyone know what this error is?

Thank you advanced.

Hi, the server apparently has trouble accessing the directory itself or files in it. Try running it with "mocp -SF" in one console and the client in another and go to the directory again. You should see the server crashing in the first console and outputting a better error message.

Thank you for the reply.

Here is the error message when I go to the directory.

Jan 25 08:06:19.102224: tags_cache.c:653 tags_cache_add_request(): Request for tags for /media/FREECOM HDD/Itunes Database/Journey/Revelation/Revelation Disc 1/01 Never Walk Away.mp3 from client 0
Segmentation fault

I have similar problem (Archlinux 32bit, MOC 2.5.0-alpha4)

FATAL_ERROR: Can't send() int to the server.

[maroko@maroko-laptop ~]$ mocp -SF
Trying JACK...
Jan 26 02:14:07.97211: server.c:720 server_error(): ERROR: cannot create client jack server not running?
Jan 26 02:14:07.97273: server.c:565 add_event_all(): No events have been added because there are no clients.
Trying ALSA...
Jan 26 02:14:07.98979: alsa.c:260 alsa_init_mixer_channel(): Opened mixer (PCM), volume range: 0-255
Jan 26 02:14:07.98993: alsa.c:260 alsa_init_mixer_channel(): Opened mixer (Master), volume range: 0-31
Jan 26 02:14:07.99013: alsa.c:228 alsa_read_mixer_raw(): Mixer has no channels
Jan 26 02:14:07.129881: audio.c:937 print_output_capabilities(): Sound driver capabilities: channels 1 - 10000, formats: 8-bit signed, 8-bit unsigned, 16-bit signed, 16-bit unsigned, 24-bit signed (as 32-bit samples), 24-bit unsigned (as 32-bit samples) little-endian (native)
Jan 26 02:14:07.129917: audio.c:951 audio_initialize(): Disabling 24bit modes because Allow24bitOutput is set to no.
Jan 26 02:14:07.130074: softmixer.c:64 softmixer_init(): Softmixer initialized
Jan 26 02:14:07.130153: equalizer.c:444 equalizer_init(): Equalizer initialized
Build signature doesn't match environment
Jan 26 02:14:07.130566: tags_cache.c:957 tags_cache_load(): Can't open DB environment (/mnt/data/maroko/.moc/cache): DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch
Jan 26 02:14:07.130788: server.c:1629 server_loop(): MOC server started, pid: 9525
Jan 26 02:14:07.130813: out_buf.c:66 read_thread(): entering output buffer thread
Jan 26 02:14:07.130876: tags_cache.c:552 reader_thread(): tags reader thread started
Jan 26 02:14:07.130891: tags_cache.c:574 reader_thread(): all queues empty, waiting

Then after Ctrl+C
^CJan 26 02:15:07.94639: server.c:129 sig_exit(): Got signal 2
Jan 26 02:15:07.94669: server.c:1683 server_loop(): Exiting...
Jan 26 02:15:07.94699: server.c:603 server_shutdown(): Server exiting...
Jan 26 02:15:07.94790: out_buf.c:128 read_thread(): exit
Jan 26 02:15:07.94804: out_buf.c:175 read_thread(): exiting
Jan 26 02:15:07.94865: out_buf.c:238 out_buf_destroy(): buffer destroyed
Jan 26 02:15:07.94898: player.c:335 precache_wait(): Precache thread is not running
Jan 26 02:15:07.95114: softmixer.c:273 softmixer_write_config(): Softmixer configuration written
Jan 26 02:15:07.95129: softmixer.c:73 softmixer_shutdown(): Softmixer stopped
Jan 26 02:15:07.95250: equalizer.c:413 equalizer_write_config(): Equalizer configuration written
Jan 26 02:15:07.95265: equalizer.c:454 equalizer_shutdown(): Equalizer stopped
Jan 26 02:15:07.95295: tags_cache.c:595 reader_thread(): exiting tags reader thread
Jan 26 02:15:07.95408: server.c:611 server_shutdown(): Server exited
Jan 26 02:15:07.95443: protocol.c:103 send_int(): send() failed: Bad file descriptor

Just deleted everything in ~/.moc/cache and MOC works just fine!

The freeze is resolved by SVN r2492: Use process heap memory for Berkeley DB storage.
Also see: http://moc.daper.net/node/846

Well, now I remember that I also had to delete the cache :-)
If I recall it well the database engine was updated which made the old cache invalid (no backward compatibility).
pedrom169: If deleting the cache doesn't help you could you share your version/revision number?