Problems with configuring volume control...

I have some problems with configuring volume control in MOC 2.4.1 (I'am using Debian 4, stable and ALSA driver).
There is Creative Audigy 4 soundcard. MOC shows "PCM 0%" and I can't to control volume. Which strings I should write in config file? I have try something, but nothings happen...

P.S. Execuse me please for my poor english. I'am a russian student.

I'm having the exact same problem on an arch linux system. I posted a thread here as well, -

I believe that this ubuntu user is having the same problem, -

I can hear sound, but I can't control the volume level as user and display shows PCM 00%.

Yes, I have noticed problems with volume control on moc. If I adjust volume downwards to hit 0% then it mutes the volume and I can no longer control volume with moc. I have to enter some other audio mixer program to turn off the mute, then I can adjust volume once again on moc.

This is moc 2.5.0-alpha2 using an M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card, running under Debian Lenny, on Alpha architecture.

Am I correct in thinking that moc does not have a control to switch mute on and off? If so, that seems a feature that is asking to be implemented.