FLAC tags are not read at all


I have recently migrated my music collection from a mixture of anciently ripped/encoded mp3-s and ogg-s to a pure flac collection. I am able to play all the files with MOC, but I seem to have a slight problem with it apparently not being able to read FLAC tags. The only thing appearing in the playlist are the file names.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

I'm unable to reproduce this here:
I have only little experience with flac but I just converted a file to flac and gave it a 'title' and a 'artist' flag. These are displayed then fine in MOC...

Do the flags show up in other players like flac123 ?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, pretty much all other players including amarok, banshee, rhythmbox, juk, noatun, totem, BMP and even Rockbox on my iPod; Players that fail reading the tags are flac123, exaile and MOC.

The tags are in ID3-format. Could this be a problem?

This is just a guess, but I think ID3 is 'the problem'.
Flac uses tags for storing artist information while ID3 tags are just added at the end of the file. AFAIK MOC does not scan for ID3 tags on files other than MP3s.

I (personally) think adding ID3 tags actually makes a flac file invalid but in this case 'going with the flow' might be the desired behavior for MOC.
Implementing this feature should not be very hard but somebody needs time to do it...

So basically there is currently no support unless you take the time and add flac-tags to the files - maybe there is software that can do it automatically but I don't know. :-|

Thanks for the answer. Now I have actually taken the time and rewritten all the tags to my flac files using amarok (since amarok reads ID3-tags correctly, you only need to change one field for amarok to rewrite *all* the tags, and they are written as flac-tags it seems).

Thanks for helping me out :)