Can't change number of channels / netbsd 4.0.1 moc-2.4.3

Just want to preface this by saying I have mocp working great on my other computer using slackware 12.1.

here are the specs for the laptop having the trouble:

compaq presario 1625 laptop
amd k6 266mhz, 64MB ram
fresh netbsd 4.0.1 install

I've installed mocp using the netbsd pksrc binary via pkg_add moc
I've tried playing either flac, ogg, or mp3 and none will play. All give the same error message from mocp: "Can't change number of channels"
no audio is played and this message just flashes randomly.
i have verified the soundcard is working by the old `cat filename >> /dev/sound`

This is a very old slow system and so compiling mocp and all the dependencies from source is really not an option. Is there any hope of a working mocp install here?

Ive tried deinstalling 2.4.3 and installed netbsd package moc-devel- which is giving the same error

From the error description I assume you are using OSS as sound driver.
I had a look at the source where the error message originates and it seems that there is a problem getting stereo sound with your card - although I can't claim that I completely understood that part of MOCs source...

Can you try if this also happens using ALSA or JACK as driver ?

I've given up on using netbsd on this laptop as there are some severe audio problems across the board. even when I am able to get audio to play even using different apps such as mp3blaster the audio comes through dithered and extremely slow playing (ie playback at half pitch). I will be going back to openbsd for this one and see how it goes.